The Essential Assets of Property Marketing

Elke Farnworth
October 13, 2020

Isn't it remarkable that one of our biggest purchase decisions in life is often based on good CGI and promises made by a suit?

Digitalisation knows no boundaries. What has become widely known as ‘The Proptech Boom' describes the digital revolution that is currently taking place right now within the real estate industry. However, until I write a journal on artificial intelligence - the following six assets by April Ford will guarantee enquiries no matter if you're selling a block of land or an entire estate.


Firstly and quite possibly the most important are quality renders. Quality over quantity is imperative always. You cannot expect buyers to envision themselves walking into that lounge room when it looks like it was built on Minecraft. If you know, you know.

Full disclosure, a good render is not cheap. I'm not saying you should put a dent in your marketing budget but do keep in mind if the render is cheap, it'll look cheap and therefore the perception of your property will lack the allure of quality.

To put things into perspective, when your sales are equating in the multi millions and a picture that is worth a thousand is what makes the buyer enquire, it's petty cash in comparison to your return on investment. As April always states, "A good render its worth its weight in gold.”

When deciding the best aspects of a property development to render, focus on the Project’s brand strategy and unique selling points. If your Project has an impressive list of amenities, show these. If the bathroom or bedrooms resemble Harry Potter’s room under the stairs – leave them out.

Visuals still reign supreme when it comes to social media. Social media content builds trust and loyalty between the business and potential clients - resulting in more leads and potential sales for the business. It comes down to giving value in order to receive value.


Gone are the days when only large multimillion-dollar developments invest in branding strategies. With an exponentially booming real estate market, smaller property developers are reaping the rewards of branding to sell their property - and for a good reason.

It’s memorable; it’s emotive. Good branding can be the difference between making an impression on your buyer or fading off into the blue ocean of other developments.

By establishing a name, tone of voice and identity around your development, you build an emotional connection between buyer and property. It’s a powerful way to secure an identifiable position in the market.

When done well as is key at April Ford, branding establishes an immediate sense of trust. In a way that a picture conveys a thousand words, branding crafts your development into an identity that words could not capture. When buyers are presented with high quality design and services from the moment they engage with you, they're more likely to trust the projected standard and will continue beyond this sales experience with confidence that you will deliver on what you promise.


Whether you're writing copy for your Facebook ads, a property listing description for or merely a caption for a content post, your copy must appeal to your target market and that really comes down to knowing your audience. This might mean adjusting copy within your paid advertising for each targeted demographic.

A good piece of copy could not only boost your click-through-rate but can also generate more enquiries, get more bids and ultimately, result in less time on the market.

  1. Avoid overused buzzwords
  2. Keep your target demographic in mind
  3. Highlight the best features and amenities
  4. Keep it short and simple

If you need further insight into writing copy that converts, I highly recommend reading my journal on 'Copy that Converts' or alternatively we have a division that focuses on writing compelling copy to match any brief.


A vital impression that can make or break selling your property. A great photo will engage more people who will potentially view and share a property listing or click through from your ads. This, in turn can lead to more enquiries. There's a fine line between a bank of images that provide a complete overview of the property while accentuating its best features while also down playing the drawbacks. Rule of thumb: there's no substitute for finding a professional to photograph your property – especially if they have real estate experience.

  1. VIDEO

Property video benefits are undeniable. The age-old practice of storytelling is a powerful method when marketing any property listing. A video allows them to take a journey in imagining themselves living there, seducing them to have an emotional connection - they want a full immersion into what it would feel like to live somewhere.

Promotional videos for advertising gain more momentum. On the other hand, many fail to exploit this to their advantage. Meanwhile, the big guns are investing in property videos that resemble the start of a James Bond movie; the glimmering lights, a hot track and a beautiful model walking gracefully through the property. A shareable piece of content which evidently attracts more and more buyers than any other property asset.


One asset that can not be overlooked is a good looking landing page, catching the potential buyers attention and enticing them enough to learn more by entering in their details. The more people who sign up to your list, the more chances you have of making sales.

Not only is it a solid way to drive traffic, it also improves SEO and builds your business. Once the prospect has shown interest and has been nurtured by HubSpot down the sales funnel, there will be specific triggers for you as a sales agent to know that this person is ready to buy. All that is left to do is call and make a time for them to sign the contract.


Brands are merely perceptions. When you're selling a development, you're dealing directly with perception. Whether it's off the plan or in the early stages of development, chances are you're trying to convey a vision of what's to come to a prospective buyer. As with any boom in an industry, there comes the expected collateral of uncertainties. However, success has always meant planning ahead – and right now, that means thinking about investing in digital assets. If a developer doesn't have a digital strategy, it doesn't have an effective strategy and without a strategy, it may not have effective business. April Ford specialises in new age property marketing shaping the new-age customer experience by providing conveniences and capability that were previously impossible.

At April Ford, perception is everything.