Between 2 Fords

The Customer Journey

BETWEEN 2 FORDS | Season 2 Episode 3 | April and Brendan provide insight into the importance of the customer journey and April’s role within our agency.
With the modern world of new-age technology and our embedded culture of impulse buying, there is plenty of opportunities out there for brands selling to consumers. Despite this, it is very common for businesses to miss the mark when it comes to understanding the factors that influence their sales. In a nutshell, it all comes down to the type of customer you are trying to target, how they interact with your business, and what problems they may be facing.
The customer journey is the process of capturing the interest of the target audience from the get-go. From the first stage of product and brand recognition, all the way to generating these leads into paying customers.
Customers want an easy, helpful, and seamless experience when purchasing goods and services from your business. It is essential you know your target demographic inside and out: implementing valuable marketing strategies to lure them to your product is only possible when you understand your customers. When you know your customer, you then know their barriers to purchasing your products.  Whether it is a complicated and unintuitive website or an error with the way you’re marketing, small bumps in the road can create huge ripples and cause potential customers to back away.
Here at April Ford, we value problem-solving and providing solutions to any issues we may come across – because we understand that bold marketing strategies can only be successfully implemented if every problem is ironed out.

Watch this episode to improve your customer journey and ensure your marketing strategies are ahead of the game.
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