When Brand Relevance Is Relevant

Elke Farnworth
June 24, 2020

Do you ever notice how some brands become part of our daily life so seamlessly that we don't even think about them until something happens, followed by a sudden realisation of how much you actually depend on them. Like, when Maps fails to tell you about a highway upgrade, or when Netflix thoughtfully suggests it's time to watch "The Office" for the 3rd time?

Attaining this level of relevance and dependency in a brand is no easy feat. Actually, it's probably the most misunderstood concept in the complex world of branding. This is due to the fact that branding professionals spend too much time looking outside "their homes", not enough time building the brand from the inside-out.

To put simply, "the brand comes first". When this happens, the brand becomes both the alpha and the omega of the process—as such. Building a brand that resonates with the audience and that sticks with you for the long haul is a crucial success factor - and this can only be achieved when the brand is at the centre of what you do.

Today's consumers are experts at ignoring tens of thousands of brands that don't interest them. But for their favourites, their loyalty knows no bounds. Consumers respond to the brand that reacts to them. It's not only about what they're buying, but it's also about how they're buying and where they're buying it from. They want to purchase brands that 'get' them.

Too many business owners get caught up on one aspect of the business, the 'Ka-ching', looking through their transactional lens if you will. They view their insights and continually ask themselves "What will it take to get that customer to buy more?" which narrows the focus.

Most brand owners listen, but they don't bother going to the next step and delving deeper into the persona, including what their consumers are saying to each other online, on social media, in reviews and trends in context to the world around them—blindsided to the conversations which are merely opportunities to build genuine and profound relevance with their target audience.

Don't be afraid to get personal. It is with a personal touch that a brand can emphasise its relevance when it matters.


It sounds corny, but it's impossible to be relevant in all the moments. Online is how most of us roll these days, always connected. For us, there has never been a primer time to reach the right person with the right message, every time.

Once you have the customer-centric mindset, it's about choosing moments that matter to your customer. You are identifying the key moments which might lead your consumer to your brand. This comes down to identifying the right touch points and channels that are going to connect with your brand the most. Anchoring off this in your strategy can ensure you are present for the moments that matter most to your prospective customers and your business. Stay empathic to the public.


Brand relevance is never a sure thing. The tides can change at any given moment. New technology and trends emerge every day. The technological savvy consumers of today will be technologically illiterate within this decade. Consumers become accustomed to a certain standard of customer experience. The brands that stay afloat will be those that can deliver in-the-moment, relevant customer experience that drive meaningful moments.

Consumers tend to be influenced by identifying who they like and what they like. Hook the needs of your consumer with the above mindset but keep your finger on the pulse in currents in order to stay in the lead.


To put this all into context, you may date a few different people but the one you end up with long term is the one you rely on the most, and who you see value in, with harmony as a symbiosis of co-dependence ~ and that my people is a happy ever after.

I'm not saying relevance is the ‘be all and end all’ yet it is essential

for success with two crucial benefits;

  1. Less effort, time and money in acquiring new customers
  2. Less effort, time and money in retaining existing customers

In saying that, staying relevant, making moments that matter and being able to evolve in this fast-paced world is one of the most daunting challenges brands face today. April Ford is here to help you get to know your audience: really get to know your audience and ensure you're making those perfect moments which truly matter.