full-service creative advertising agency

At April Ford we understand marketing from every aspect. We have hands-on experience across the spectrum from strategy development to delivery, and our services include advertising, design, branding, social media, public relations, professional communications and web development. We know marketing and business management because we've led in those roles and our agency was founded because we couldn't find an agency that does what we do.

We have grown from our niche beginnings to service a national portfolio of clients across multiple market segments including E-commerce, FMCG, allied health, professional services, property, sport, travel, government and not-for-profit. Now that’s our elevator pitch out of the way, let's tell you a little more about us and what we believe in.

Our Values


We always do the right thing. We hold ourselves to a higher moral standard as it is the standard you walk past that you accept.


We believe in people and their dreams. We encourage those around us; in turn, this motivates us.


We’re internally and unconditionally proud of our work. We let our work speak for itself. It is the quality of what we produce that entitles us to confident humility.


Never stop. Never surrender. Never give up. You can’t lose if you never quit.


We never settle for a good idea but incessantly search for a great one. Our creativity, imagination and vision rule the day.


High performance, innovation and perfectionism are the by-products of enduring pursuit. It is the unwavering attitude of striving for more that leads us to this utopia.

Our purpose is to help brands build intangible value
through creative advertising and marketing.